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Most schools in Sacramento City Unified School District don’t have full kitchens, so students are often served meals that are prepared elsewhere, with ingredients and labor often sourced outside our region, produced outside of the purview and control of SCUSD Nutrition Services.


In 2012, with 67.86% of the vote, Sacramento area voters passed Measure R. The bond included a specific list of bond-funded projects developed to improve the health, safety, and nutritional experience for students in SCUSD. One of the uses included on the list was to “construct central kitchen facilities that will serve more students, improve efficiency, increase revenues, provide better meals with standardized and healthier menus…”


Over the last year, SCUSD has made progress towards accomplishing this mandate, now designing and preparing for the building of the Central Kitchen to start in 2021. The Sacramento Food Policy Council hopes to support SCUSD by gathering community input from those most impacted by the new kitchen.

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